About Us

Our Story

CytoNest, Inc. is a start-up company founded in 2020 for the commercialization of adherent cell expansion technologies

Our Mission

At CytoNest, Inc., we aspire to transform the adherent cell culture technologies for tissue engineering, cultured meat, cultured seafood, and regenerative medicine applications. We offer nanofiber-based true 3D scaffolds for the efficient growth of adherent cells at high densities. Our scaffolds are made of food-compatible biomaterials. We strive to preserve the cell-surface interactions and cell-specific biochemical and structural environment while blending innovative 3D scaffolding approaches to address the scale-up manufacturing needs.

Our Team

Nataraja S. Yadavalli, Ph.D.

Cofounder, CEO

Nataraja Yadavalli is an experienced fiber and polymer scientist with a background in microsystems engineering. He has developed key patent-pending technologies to address the challenges in scalable 3D cell culture applications. He is leading the technical and commercial efforts, market research, and product development at CytoNest, Inc.

Sergiy Minko, Ph.D.

Cofounder, CSO

Georgia Power Professor of Fiber and Polymer Science, The University of Georgia

His research interest extends over the areas of functional materials and biomaterials, including thin polymer films, polymer brushes, polymer hydrogels, porous membranes, functional coatings, nanofibers, and colloidal systems.