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Our Customization  Services

Please visit the store for the products currently available for immediate delivery.

Experience the value of our scaffold customization services, tailored to your unique requirements. 

Please review the below list of parameters and complete the custom scaffold request form to get started on your project today. Our business associate will contact you within 2 business days.

Fiber material | Fiber spacing | Layer spacing | Layer count | Scaffold geometry | Scaffold size | Qty 

Custom features

Fiber material

Most water-insoluble synthetic and biopolymers are suitable for our proprietary fiber spinning process.

Perfusion channel gap between fiber layers

We use PCL as a standard spacer material, but we can also use other biopolymers to create spacer bands to match your fiber material. 

Fiber diameter

Achievable fiber diameter depends on the fiber material and the molecular weight.

# fiber layers per scaffold

Layer count depends on the type of application and cell manufacturing scale. 

Fiber spacing

If small fiber spacing is needed, consider fused fiber mesh. Fused fiber meshes are possible only with thermoplastic biopolymers like PCL.

Scaffold geometry

Most symmetric geometries are supported.Custom geometry is considered after reviewing the request.

20 micron spaced fiber array

~20 µm  interfiber spacing

Request custom scaffold

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