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CytoSurge™ 6-Well Plate

CytoSurge™ PCL Scaffolds

CytoSurge™ PCL 6-well inserts are our proprietary 3D cell culture scaffolds made of synthetic polycaprolactone (PCL) biopolymer.  Over the past two decades, PCL has been studied and used extensively for tissue engineering applications. It has been cited over 35,000 times in scientific literature.

PCL is,

  • biocompatible and FDA-accepted for medical applications

  • biodegradable

  • compatible with cell-specific polymer blends

CytoSurge™ 6-Well Insert

CytoSurge™ Inserts are designed for convenient handling of scaffolds in and out of 6-well plates for media change and a variety of analyses (e.g., PrestoBlue™, Confocal Imaging, etc).


The 6-well plate insert is designed to be a universal fit for most 6-well cell culture plates on the market.

CytoSurge™ 6-well Plate Insert Features
fiber diameter

fiber diameter ~3 µm

fiber spacing in the single array of fiber layers

fiber spacing

~25 µm

fiber count in single layer fiber array

fibers per layer

# 1520

Layer count

layers per scaffold

# 4

The perfusion channel gap between the nanofiber fiber layers in the 3D fiber scaffold

layer gap

~ 200 µm

Surface Area of the Scaffold

surface area

A ~ 16.2 cm^2

(cell growth area)

scaffold thickness

availalble volume

V ~ 0.3 cm^3

Thickness of the 3D fiber scaffold growth area

scaffold thickness

1 mm

Polymer solution

fiber and spacer material


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perfusion channel

Unique linear perfusion channels for mass transport

3D scaffold

Aligned fiber arrays for controlled porosity

Incubate cells with CytoSurge™ over 30 days with healthy proliferation

CytoSurge is compatible with Matrigel® or similar materials

(for advanced applications)


Confocal Microscopy

CytoSurge™ inserts are designed to screen and optimize the adherent cell proliferation conditions for cell manufacturing at scale

3D cell growth Z-stack projection

Multilayered cell growth

Aligned fiber arrays are separated by spacers to achieve uniform cell diffusion, efficient media, gas, and metabolites exchange, confined and confluent cell growth and easy harvesting at the end.

PrestoBlue™ analysis

Cell analysis with CytoSurge

CytoSurge™ insert is a convenient feature to move the cells growing on the surface of fibers between different solutions for non-destructive cell monitoring and analysis.

Need a custom scaffold?

Different insert designs and scaffold parameters can be adapted for your choice of cell culture vessel, conditions, and scale. 

Please visit our custom scaffold services center for more information.

Explore the CytoSurge PCL 6-Well  Plates

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