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CytoSurge™ PCL is a 3D fiber scaffold made of medical-grade Polycaprolactone (PCL). It is uniquely designed and fabricated for 3D cell culture (adherent) applications in 6-well plates. 


PCL is an FDA-accepted biocompatible, biodegradable, and bio-based synthetic polymer. For a detailed PCL material safety summary, please visit the following link at


CytoSurge™ Inserts are designed to conveniently handle scaffolds in and out of 6-well plates with cells for media change and various analyses (e.g., PrestoBlue™, Confocal Imaging, etc).


The inserts are packaged in a custom plate, as shown in the pictures. This plastic plate should not be used for cell culture work. Customers should transfer the inserts to their choice of a 6-well plate (e.g., non-treated plate, ultra-low attachment plate, etc.).

CytoSurge™ PCL Overlaid Fiber 3D Scaffold Inserts for 6-Well Culture Plate

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  • The 6-well plate insert is designed to be a universal fit for most 6-well cell culture plates on the market, ensuring its adaptability to your specific needs.

    Insert parameters:

    • Fiber diameter = ~3 µm
    • Interfiber spacing = 30 ± 5 µm
    • Number of fibers per layer = 1520
    • Number of layers per scaffold = 4
    • Perfusion channel gap between the layers = 200 µm
    • Total surface area of cell growth region = 16.2 cm^2 (incl. fiber and spacer bands)
    • Volume of the cell growth region = 0.3 cm^3
    • Total thickness of the cell growth region = 1 mm

    Please visit our customization center if you need a scaffold with different parameters.

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