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June 22, 2023, Athens, GA

CytoNest at GFI collaborative seminar event

Our CEO, Nataraja recently shared his vision for CytoNest's edible scaffolds at the GFI's cultivated meat collaborative seminar. Tune in for more updates soon.


May 5, 2023, Athens, GA

CytoNest received USDA STTR Ph1 grant from National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA)

CytoNest is collaborating with the Kaplan lab at the Tufts University to develop an advanced scaffold platform technology for cultivated meat applications... read here

Left image: High density muscle cell growth on CytoNest’s edible 3D fiber scaffold


CytoNest, Inc, a biotechnology company specializing in edible scaffolding for meat and seafood cell-based cultures, is pleased to announce that they have been awarded a grant from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to develop nanofiber-based edible 3D scaffold platform technology for the scalable production of cell-cultured meat products.

The grant will support CytoNest's development of single filament polymeric nanofibers with precise alignment and built-in vasculature in 3D scaffolds to provide an optimal environment for cellular and tissue growth. This innovative approach will allow the company to offer a platform technology for the production of meat-specific (e.g., salmon, shrimp, crab, scallops, beef, pork) product lines that mimic the tissue structure and texture of the represented meat product, including muscle and fat cell growth together.

The development of cultured meat and seafood products has been the subject of intense research and investment in recent years. However, the challenges of developing biomimetic cell-cultured meat and seafood at scale have stunted their commercial viability and delayed market entry. CytoNest's platform technology aims to address this challenge by providing tunable, non-homogenous delivery of nutrients and controllable tissue orientation for optimal cell growth and tissue formation.

"We are thrilled to receive this grant from the USDA to support our efforts in developing nanofiber-based edible 3D scaffolds for cell-cultured meat production," said Nataraja Yadavalli, CEO of CytoNest, Inc. "Our platform technology has the potential to revolutionize the way cell-cultured meat and seafood products are produced and pave the way for a more sustainable and ethical food system."

CytoNest's proprietary fiber drawing technology allows for the fabrication of true 3D structures and can currently produce up to 300 cm^3 volume per scaffold. The company plans to scale up its production capacity to fabricate large 3D scaffolds up to 3000 cm^3 in volume per scaffold. “One of the most exciting aspects of CytoNest, is that can overcome the problems of common electrospun fibers in the market today,” said Dr Blake Hawley, Board Chair, meaning they would conquer the challenges of poor cell diffusion, scaffold collapse and poor vasculature with rapid cell necrosis.”

Dr. Lee Herron, Senior Vice President of the Georgia Research Alliance (GRA) and one of CytoNest’s advisors added, “GRA works with faculty to launch and grow companies out of Georgia’s universities. Mr. Yadavalli and CytoNest are delivering on this promise, and the USDA grant is another step in this company’s growth trajectory. We look forward to seeing continued progress.”

April 11, 2022, Athens, GA

CytoNest received UGA Federal and State Technology (FAST) grant.

Thanks to the University of Georgia and Small Business Administration (SBA).


For more details,


UGA FAST Grant – Innovation Gateway


Federal And State Technology (FAST) Partnership Program |

Mar 02, 2022

CytoNest participated at Georgia AgTech Summit

 Location: Tifton, GA 31794

Thanks to the University of Georgia and Small Business Administratio

Georgia AgTech Summit, 2022 | Georgia Department of Economic Development 

CytoNest is one of GRA Grater Yield Initiative Companies pitched at the summit.


October 29, 2021

News: October 2021 GRA Notes from the Georgia Research Alliance 

Feeding the world in the future will require remarkable ingenuity, given the rising demands on human agriculture. CytoNest, a startup out of UGA, is developing a novel way to grow shrimp and other protein sources using ...  read here


September 27, 2021

CytoNest received competitive research grant from Good Food Institute


3D fiber scaffolds for shrimp

This project will help engineer an edible nanofiber scaffold tailored specifically for Pacific white shrimp. The work would enable thicker cut production of cultivated shrimp with improved texture. The project would also assess the feasibility of scaled-up cell expansion with the developed nanofiber scaffolds. Ultimately, this work could enable large-scale production of cultivated seafood via tailored scaffolding. more here

October 21, 2020

CytoNest is proud to be part of Georgia Research Alliance (GRA) - Greater Yield Initiative 

Agribusinesses looking to pursue cultured meats — grown from animal cells, with no need for animal slaughter — require platforms called 3DCC (3-dimensional cell culturing). CytoNest uses nanofiber technology to create 3DCC platforms that overcome some of the limitations of other commercial-grade systems on the market... read here

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