April 11, 2022

CytoNest received UGA Federal and State Technology (FAST) grant.

Thanks to the University of Georgia and Small Business Administration (SBA).

Mar 02, 2022

CytoNest participated at Georgia AgTech Summit

Location: Tifton, GA 31794

Georgia AgTech Summit, 2022 | Georgia Department of Economic Development

CytoNest is one of GRA Grater Yield Initiative Companies pitched at the summit

News: October 2021 GRA Notes from the Georgia Research Alliance

October 29, 2021

Feeding the world in the future will require remarkable ingenuity, given the rising demands on human agriculture. CytoNest, a startup out of UGA, is developing a novel way to grow shrimp and other protein sources using ... read here

CytoNest received competitive research grant from Good Food Institute

September 27, 2021

3D fiber scaffolds for shrimp

This project will help engineer an edible nanofiber scaffold tailored specifically for Pacific white shrimp. The work would enable thicker cut production of cultivated shrimp with improved texture. The project would also assess the feasibility of scaled-up cell expansion with the developed nanofiber scaffolds. Ultimately, this work could enable large-scale production of cultivated seafood via tailored scaffolding. more here

October 21, 2020

CytoNest is proud to be part of Georgia Research Alliance (GRA) - Greater Yield Initiative

Agribusinesses looking to pursue cultured meats — grown from animal cells, with no need for animal slaughter — require platforms called 3DCC (3-dimensional cell culturing). CytoNest uses nanofiber technology to create 3DCC platforms that overcome some of the limitations of other commercial-grade systems on the market... read here