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A fiber scaffold that can be transformed to meet
all your 3D cell culture demands

Customizable | Scalable | Biocompatible

CytoSurge™ 3D Fiber Scaffold

At CytoNest, Inc., we have developed the CytoSurge™ 3D fiber scaffold to revolutionize adherent cell manufacturing technologies for tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, biopharmaceuticals, cultured meat, and cultured seafood applications. Our fiber-based true 3D scaffolds facilitate the efficient growth of adherent cells at high densities. These scaffolds are constructed from biocompatible and/or edible biomaterials. We aim to maintain cell-surface interactions and cell-specific biochemical and structural environment while incorporating innovative 3D scaffolding approaches to meet laboratory research demands and scale-up cell manufacturing. We use a unique and proprietary fiber fabrication technology initially developed by the confounders at the Nanostructured Materials Lab at the University of Georgia.



Fiber material

Fibers made of materials generally recognized as safe (GRAS) and accepted by the FDA for medical and food applications. e.g. Polycaprolactone, Zein

polycaprolactone fiber spinning material


A unique multi-layered fiber scaffold with spacers

We offer a truly 3D scaffold that provides cells with a uniform 3D space for adhesion, proliferation, and migration in all directions. We created an industry-first multi-layered fiber structure where each layer is separated by a spacer band with a well-defined thickness (e.g., 200 µm), giving exactly what an adherent cell wants. 100s of fiber arrays can be sandwiched together to fit in your culture vessel shape and size.

multilayer fiber array


Controlled porosity

We have engineered fiber arrays, spacer gaps, and a multi-layered structure that will provide a uniform porosity for efficient cell diffusion and prefiltration across the scaffold.

prorosity in CytoSurge™ 3DFS


Custom scaffold size

Standard scaffold geometries can be manufactured up to 300 cm^3. Larger scaffolds are feasible depending on the scaffold design requested.

CytoSurge™ PCL Scaffold SEM image


Unique fiber arrays

Individual ultra-long fiber strands are manufactured rapidly using our proprietary fiber drawing technologies and used as building blocks to create array of fibers as each layer of the 3D scaffold.

02 fiber arrays


Defined cell growth area

We offer scaffolds with controlled and reproducible surface area (cell growth area) by controlling the fiber diameter and the number fibers utilized to fabricate the scaffold.

surface area of scaffold


Cell-specific coatings on fiber surface

Our technology is embedded with rapid core-shell fiber drawing processes which enable us to create cell-specific biochemical cues on the fiber surface during the drawing process thus 3D scaffolds can be customized with desired coatings.

coaxial syringe needle


UV-C vs. Gamma treatment

We offer both UV-c sanitization and gamma sterilization options for scaffold treatment. UV-c sanitization is affordable and relevant for academic research laboratories using standard culture vessels such as multi-well plates.  Gamma sterilization is highly reliable and relatively expensive option suitable for commercial research and scaleup cell manufacturing applications.

3DFS graphics


Fused vs. overlaid fiber arrays

Adherent cells may or may not produce ECM during proliferation in 3D space. Fibers that are simply overlaid in each layer of 3D scaffold OR just fused to a mesh with defined pockets have their unique advantages depending on cell type and culture conditions. We offer both fused and overlaid fiber options.

overlaid vs fused fiber arrays


Linear micro-perfusion channels

Perfusion is critical for healthy adherent cell proliferation at high densities. The spacers are designed and tested to create a vasculature memetic linear micro-perfusion channel for an efficient media, gas, and metabolite exchange in and out of the 3D scaffold Cell cultures over 30-day duration with the perfusion channels are proven to yield continuous healthy cell proliferation depending on the cell type.

perfusion channel design


Custom scaffold 3D geometry

We use a powerful additive manufacturing technology which offers flexibility to adapt shape and size of the scaffold as desired with some limitations. Standard symmetric geometries such as cube, brick, cylindrical etc. required for standard cell culture vessels and bioreactors are readily made available with our manufacturing process. Asymmetric geometries are offered after the design review.

Scaled CytoSurge™ 3D Fiber Scaffold


Scaffolds for bioreactors

The scaffold design is flexible to adapt bioreactors designed for adherent cell culture scale up.  Reach out to us for more details.

Modern Architecture

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