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CytoSurge™ PCL is a 3D fiber scaffold made of medical-grade Polycaprolactone (PCL). It is uniquely designed and fabricated for 3D cell culture (adherent) applications in 6-well plates. 


PCL is an FDA-accepted biocompatible, biodegradable, and bio-based synthetic polymer. For a detailed PCL material safety summary, please visit the following link at


CytoSurge™ Inserts are designed to conveniently handle scaffolds in and out of 6-well plates with cells for media change and various analyses (e.g., PrestoBlue™, Confocal Imaging, etc).


The inserts are packaged in a custom plate, as shown in the pictures. This plastic plate should not be used for cell culture work. Customers should transfer the inserts to their choice of a 6-well plate (e.g., non-treated plate, ultra-low attachment plate, etc.).

CytoSurge™ PCL Fused Fiber 3D Scaffold Inserts for 6-Well Culture Plate

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  • The 6-well plate insert is designed to be a universal fit for most 6-well cell culture plates on the market, ensuring its adaptability to your specific needs.

    PCL fiber arrays are aligned to a perfect XY orientation and fused to create fiber mesh to achieve uniform porosity and preserved pore structure and size when submerged in culture media. Cell can diffuse uniformly across scaffold and proliferate with reproducible and consistent results.

    Insert parameters:

    • Fiber diameter = ~3 µm
    • Interfiber spacing = 30 ± 5 µm
    • Number of fibers per layer = 1520
    • Number of layers per scaffold = 4
    • Perfusion channel gap between the layers = 200 µm
    • Total surface area of cell growth region = 16.2 cm^2 (incl. fiber and spacer bands)
    • Volume of the cell growth region = 0.3 cm^3
    • Total thickness of the cell growth region = 1 mm

    Please visit our customization center if you need a scaffold with different parameters.

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